Michelle Chin Photography

The Process

Once the session is scheduled, we will talk brand, expectations and preparation for the shoot. This includes a welcome packet, which will help you define the cores of your personality, and how to best showcase them.



Then I will pick out a shoot-route that is specific to who you are, whether you're a bucket-of-sunshine who loves cake pops, or a grunge guitarist with a penchant for dive bars.


Come shoot day, we will meet on-location, and walk the route, snapping photos all along the way. My sessions are laid back, and flexible. I might start with one idea, but as we discover and collaborate, I'm fully prepared to jump in to whatever the universe throws at us. Super cool graffiti wall? Let's get it. Awesome cafe with a miniature cookies–ours for the taking.

Post-shoot, I will do some digital-processing–balancing light, color (and adding a little flair). Your photos will be delivered within a week!


How long are the sessions? What if I want more time?

Sessions typically last an hour. Additional hours can be added to your session, which will allow us to extend the route, or change locations. This is useful if there's a specific place you know you want to shoot.

What kind of locations are available on each route?

The routes I've picked are packed with different feature locations, including: bookstores, bakeries, dive-bars, craft beer bars, high-end bars, cafes, gelato shops, juice bars, parks, basketball courts, skate parks, piers, graffiti walls and more.

Can you do a custom route?

Yes! I love planning custom shoots. Depending on what you want to do, costs may vary. Feel free to reach out and we can talk about what you want to shoot.

Where can I change my wardrobe?

With careful planning and layering, you should be able to change wardrobe on the fly. However, if you prefer to change in a restroom, there are public restrooms available on each route, though this may mean you have less shoot time due to repeated trips to change.

What if I want video of me exercising/playing music/doing other awesome things?

Sometimes the best way to show off a skill is in motion. If you want video, you can add that to your shoot! Typically, it will require an extra hour.