Does the session include Makeup and hair?

No, the session does not include make up and hair. I work with freelancers who set their own rates, schedules and policies.

Do you have a list of recommended MUA's?

Yes! Please send an email to for an up-to-date list of artists.

Can i HIRE my own mua / do my own make up?

You are welcome to hire anyone you like. Also, while you can do your own makeup, it's certainly not something I'd recommend for everyone. MUA's are experts at on-camera make up, and ensuring that you look your best under all kinds of lighting set ups. Only someone very comfortable with make up (preferably with on-camera experience) should attempt to do their own.

How many images do i get?

Nearly everything! After the session, I look through all the photos and remove anything that is unusable (out of focus, off lighting, bad angles). You get everything else. It's difficult to give an exact number, because every session is different, but it's roughly 50 images per look.

How much is retouching?

Retouching is $35/image.